Custom System Integration

WebAssign can be integrated into your school's environment in several different ways to provide a more seamless experience for instructors and students.

Instead of creating separate student logins within WebAssign, we can talk directly to your school's password server allowing your students to use their school credentials to log in. With this method you do not need to create initial passwords for your students, and your students will not have to learn a new username and password. Their password is never provided to the WebAssign system with this type of integration.
Class rolls
We can set up a link to your registration and records systems so that your class rolls are automatically uploaded into WebAssign nightly. Then, when students add and drop classes, WebAssign remains up to date and students will be sure to get the correct assignments from the correct class.
We can provide administrative access to key personnel in your department so that they can view all of the department's classes, add or subtract faculty from classes, make assignments for any class, view grades from all classes, and propagate common assignments to all classes.
School site
We can provide you with a customized WebAssign login page using your school's colors and logos. This way, you can have a school portal that points a student to other relevant sites at your school.

If you are interested in any of these options, please contact WebAssign for pricing or additional information.