Other Software

Some content and tools require additional software or browser plugins.

Adobe Flash Player

Some older activities or tools require Adobe Flash Player, version 10 or later.

For supported versions of Chrome and Edge browsers, Flash is embedded but must be enabled.


Apple Quicktime

Some content requires Apple Quicktime.



Some older content requires Java.

The JME tool requires Java, version 1.6.0 through 1.7.35.

The Java plugin is not supported in Chrome, version 45 or later.


PDF Reader

Some content requires a PDF reader such as Adobe Reader or Apple Preview.

Current versions of Chrome and Safari can display and print PDF files.


Automatic Plugin Version Checking

When you sign in to WebAssign as a student, WebAssign checks your scheduled assignments for certain questions identified as requiring either Java or Flash. If any of your assignments include these questions, your system is checked to see if you have the required plugin version installed.

Note WebAssign does not perform a comprehensive check of all assignment questions to determine all plugin requirements. Questions created by instructors might require other plugins or plugin versions.

If you do not have the required plugin version installed, a warning is displayed on your Home and My Assignments pages informing you about the required plugin version.

Assignments with content requiring either Flash or Java can be opened on an iPad, but the Flash or Java content will not be displayed.