Change Your Email Address

You can change the email address for your Cengage account. Each time you sign in to WebAssign, your email address is updated to match your Cengage account.

Important: Don't change your email address in WebAssign.
Your WebAssign email address is used to:
  • Reset your password if you forget it
  • Receive notifications from WebAssign about new features
  • Receive notifications (if enabled) of extension requests or other communications from your students
  • Receive messages from Customer Support when needed

Cengage is committed to your privacy and does not disclose personal information except as described in the privacy policy.

Only your name and institution are disclosed to your students. To share information such as your phone number or office location with your students, include it in your syllabus or in a class announcement.

  1. Sign in to Cengage at

    Enter your Cengage email address (or username) and password. Then, click Sign In.

  2. At the top of the page, click My Account.
  3. Type your new email address in both email fields.
  4. Click Update.

Remember to use your new email address the next time you sign in.