Request Instructor Accounts Be Linked

By default, when an instructor logs in to WebAssign for the first time from Blackboard®, a new WebAssign instructor account is created. However, if your institution has many instructors with existing WebAssign accounts, you might want to ask WebAssign Customer Support to link these instructors' Blackboard accounts to their existing WebAssign accounts.

If the building block will not be made available immediately (for example, in the middle of a term), ask WebAssign Customer Support also to link any new WebAssign instructor accounts for your institution.

  1. Submit a request to WebAssign Customer Support for a list of your school's instructor usernames.

    Identify yourself as your school's Blackboard administrator and ask for a list of WebAssign instructor usernames at your school so they can be linked to Blackboard usernames.

  2. When WebAssign Customer Support provides this list, add the corresponding Blackboard username for each WebAssign instructor account.
  3. Send the correlated list back to WebAssign Customer Support requesting that the accounts be linked.

WebAssign Customer Support will link the corresponding Blackboard and WebAssign accounts in your list. Instructors with linked accounts will be logged in to their existing WebAssign account when they access WebAssign from Blackboard.