Upgrade the WebAssign Building Block from Version 2.0.1 or Later

Upgrade the WebAssign building block for Blackboard® to the latest version from version 2.0.1 or later to take advantage of the latest features and bug fixes.

Note This task is for upgrading existing installations of the WebAssign building block to a later version.

To install the WebAssign building block for the first time, see Install the WebAssign Building Block.

You do not need a new key and secret when upgrading existing installations of the WebAssign building block to a later version.

The latest version of the WebAssign building block is 2.2.0. Only this version is supported.

This version of the building block is supported for Blackboard 9.1 Service Pack 8 and later, including SaaS deployment with either the Original or Ultra Course View.

  1. Sign in to Blackboard as a system administrator.
  2. Open the administrator panel.
  3. Under Software Updates, click Building Block Updates Available.
  4. Upgrade the building block.
    1. On the Managed Building Blocks page, in the Update Status column for the WebAssign building block, click New Update Available.
    2. On the building block details page, click Install.
    3. When prompted to confirm the license agreement, click Accept.
    4. When prompted to confirm database changes, click Approve.

      The WebAssign building block is installed.

      Note Do not navigate away from the page until the installation is finished.

    The building block update is installed.

  5. After upgrading from building block version 2.1.2 or earlier: Perform the following additional steps:
    1. Click WebAssign building block and select Settings.
    2. Click Test Connection.

      Do not use Internet Explorer® / Microsoft® Edge to test the connection; incorrect Connection Failed errors have been reported for successful connections when using Internet Explorer / Microsoft Edge.

      If the connection is established, a Connection Successful message is displayed.

      If you can't connect:

      1. Verify the key and secret were entered correctly and test the connection again.
      2. Contact Customer Support.
    This triggers a database upgrade that addresses a specific issue with the earlier building block versions.

No additional configuration is required.