Install the WebAssign Building Block

Install and configure the WebAssign building block to enable WebAssign access through Blackboard®.

Note: This task is for new installations only. To upgrade from a previous version, see Upgrade the WebAssign Building Block.

The latest version of the WebAssign building block is 2.2.0. Only this version is supported.

This version of the building block is supported for Blackboard 9.1 Service Pack 8 and later, including SaaS deployment with either the Original or Ultra Course View.

Before you begin, submit an integration help request to request a domain, key, and secret for your Blackboard installation.

Note: Always follow your institution’s IT guidelines for requesting new external tools.
  1. Download the WebAssign building block.
    To download from Do this

    Download the war file from

    1. Go to
    2. Find the WebAssign building block v2.x.x and click WebAssign Building Block v2.x.x.
    3. Click Get It Now and complete the requested information.
    4. Click I Accept The Download Agreement.
    5. Click GET IT NOW.
  2. Sign in to Blackboard as a system administrator.
  3. Navigate to the list of installed building blocks.
    1. Open the administrator panel.
    2. Under Building Blocks, click Building Blocks.
    3. Click Installed Tools.
  4. Install the building block.
    1. Click Upload Building Blocks.
    2. Browse to the WebAssign building block you downloaded and click Submit.
    3. When prompted to confirm database changes, click Approve.

      The WebAssign building block is installed.

      Note: Do not navigate away from the page until the installation is finished.
    4. If needed, click Return to go back to the Installed Tools page.

    The WebAssign building block is listed with its version and availability status.

  5. Set up the connection with WebAssign.
    1. Change the Availability of the WebAssign building block from Inactive to Unavailable.

      A list of permissions required by the building block is displayed.

      Click Approve.

      You can now configure the building block before making it available.

    2. Click WebAssign building block and select Settings.
    3. On the Configure page, click Specify Connection.
    4. Enter the domain, key, and secret provided to you by WebAssign.
      Note: You do not need a new key and secret when upgrading existing installations of the WebAssign building block to a later version.
    5. Click Test Connection.

      Do not use Internet Explorer® / Microsoft® Edge to test the connection; incorrect Connection Failed errors have been reported for successful connections when using Internet Explorer / Microsoft Edge.

      If the connection is established, a Connection Successful message is displayed.

      If you can't connect:

      1. Verify the key and secret were entered correctly and test the connection again.
      2. Contact Customer Support.
  6. Make the new building block available for use.
    Important: Do not make the building block available in the middle of a term.

    When a student accesses WebAssign for the first time from Blackboard, they are automatically added to your WebAssign class roster.

    1. At the top of the Configure page, click Installed Tools and navigate to the WebAssign building block.
    2. Change the Availability of the building block to Available.
    3. Optional: If nearly all Blackboard classes at your school also use WebAssign, you can set Course/Org Default to Available to display the WebAssign tool by default for new courses.
      Important: Do not set Course/Org Default to Available if a significant number of instructors use Blackboard but not WebAssign.