February 23, 2012 Release Notes

This release focused on improving the manual grading experience for instructors and addressing reported issues affecting students and instructors.

Grading Answers

Instructors now have the ability to grade all short answer, essay, PencilPad, file-upload, and Show My Work questions using the Grade Answers link on the Scores page for an assignment. This functionality replaces the separate Show My Work and Essay/Files grading options.

You can still choose to grade answers one question at a time, or grade answers only for selected students.

For more information, see Grade Answers.

New Content

The following textbooks are available in WebAssign as of February 23.


Resolved Issues

The following reported issues have been resolved since the previous release.

Issue Summary Notes
Instructors were able to use the QID List in the Question Browser to enter invalid QIDs.

Instructors are still able to enter QIDs, but cannot update an assignment when it includes an invalid QID. A message in the Question Browser identifies which QIDs are invalid.

LEGO-2, FTWO-335, Dev-876

Changes some instructors made to question point values in the Assignment Editor were not always applied properly. LEGO-1, FTWO-754, Dev-1579
Changes to Show My Work Settings in the Assignment Editor were being saved without an instructor applying the changes. LEGO-25, FTWO-56, Dev-845
Students were having issues navigating between questions after the assignment due date on assignments that were set to display one question at a time when Show My Work was enabled. LEGO-28, FTWO-611, FONE-767, Dev-845
A database error with the Personal Study Plan was preventing some students from downloading assignments. LEGO-33, FTWO-763, Dev-1574
Tutorial popup questions in assignments with a Personal Study Plan were not being graded correctly. LEGO-8, SWAT-464, Dev-1572
Some students were having issues with password reset emails. LEGO-75, Dev-1680
When an assignment has a large number of questions, the score grid on the Student Responses page was being cut off.

A horizontal scrollbar was added to the page.

LEGO-156, FTWO-631, Dev-1355

The message explaining the significant figure override setting in the Assignment Editor did not match WebAssign style guidelines. LEGO-59, SWAT-315, FTWO-503