Manually Upload Scores for Categories

You can upload scores for a category such that the entire category in your GradeBook is not calculated from assignments. You also have the option of changing from GradeBook-calculated category scores to manually uploaded category scores.

You can upload scores for a category manually regardless of if and how you use weighting or points calculations in your GradeBook.

Tip: You can also upload scores manually for individual assignments. See Post Scores from Non-WebAssign Assignments to GradeBook.

Example: Your course has a class and a lab. The lab has a different schedule and a different TA from the course you are including in your GradeBook. You therefore do not want GradeBook to calculate the score for the lab category based on the assignments within it. Instead, you want to create a lab category and upload the lab scores yourself, so the score you upload is the actual score for that category.

Select one of the following upload methods. Each method is described in a separate topic: