Trigonometric Functions

The following trigonometric notation can be entered in Show My Work boxes.

Note: In addition to the keyboard shortcuts listed in this topic, some symbols can be typed using the keyboard shortcuts for your operating system; for example, you can press ALT+0247 on Windows to type ÷.
Degrees degrees button 
Sine Functions > sin 
Cosine Functions > cos 
Tangent Functions > tan 
Cosecant Functions > csc 
Secant Functions > sec 
Cotangent Functions > cot 
Inverse sine (arcsine) Functions > sin-1 
Inverse cosine (arccosine) Functions > cos-1 
Inverse tangent (arctangent) Functions > tan-1 
Inverse cosecant (arccosecant) Functions > csc-1 
Inverse secant (arcsecant) Functions > sec-1 
Inverse cotangent (arccotangent) Functions > cot-1