Perl Variables for Math Questions (Algebraic and Symbolic Modes)

The following reserved Perl variables are used to return information or set behaviors in questions that you create in WebAssign®.




(Algebraic) Sets the grading mechanism, for example, $CASGRADER=mathematica.


(Symbolic) Sets the list of values that will be used when comparing student responses to the answer key, for example, $DEFAULTVALS=[-1.1, 0.4, 0.9].


(Symbolic) Set $MAXERR to the allowable tolerance (>0) for evaluated student responses.


(Symbolic) Set $NO_REPETITION=1 to match each element of a set only once, so {1,2,2} ≠ {1,2}.


(Symbolic) Set $NO_SYMBOLIC_HINT=1 to hide the symbolic formatting help icon/link for the current answer box only.


(Symbolic) Set $ROSTER_ONLY=1 to require that students enclose unordered sets in braces, e.g., {1,2}.


Enables one of two pads for answering math questions (and hides symbolic formatting help icon):

$PAD='devmath' enables mathPad.

$PAD='calc' enables calcPad.


Sets the width of the answer box when not using mathPad or calcPad, for example, $size=20.