Perl Variables for Multiple-Choice and Multiple-Select Questions

The following reserved Perl variables are used to return information or set behaviors in questions that you create in WebAssign®.




To display choices in the order listed in Answer, set $ORDERED to the positions (starting with 1) of one or more correct choices.


To set the location of each choice individually, set $SET_EACH_POSITION=1 in Answer. In Question, add an answer box <_> for each choice. Choices are still displayed in random order.


Returns position (starting with 0) of student's response to multiple-choice question. For multiple- select, use @$thisanswer.

Important: Changing the value of this variable can cause your student's answer to be graded incorrectly.

(Multiple-Choice) Set $PULLDOWN=1 to display choices as a drop-down list.


(Multiple-Choice) When choices are displayed as a drop-down list, set $Select_Option to the text that should be displayed by default. If not specified, ---Select--- is shown.


(Multiple-Choice) Returns position (starting with 0) of correct response to multiple-choice question.