Upload a Roster File

You can add students to a class roster by uploading a roster file containing information for each student.

  1. Open the Roster Upload page.

    From My Classes, click Upload Roster under Class Tools.

    Note: If you selected to use self-enrollment when creating the section, Class Key Settings is displayed instead of Upload Roster.

    You can still upload a roster file if needed. Click Roster to open the Roster page, and then click Upload on the Roster page.

  2. Select the file to upload.
    1. Click Browse or Choose File, depending on your browser.
    2. Navigate to the file you want to upload.
    3. Click Open or Choose, depending on your browser.
  3. Click Upload file.

    The Roster Upload – File Review page opens.

  4. Verify that the displayed roster information is correct.
    1. Confirm that the column headings are correct.

      If needed, select the item — Username, Fullname, First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Password, or Student Number — that correctly describes the information shown in that column.

      Important: If the column heading is incorrect, your class roster will not be correct.
    2. Confirm that each student on your roster is shown.
      • If some students are not shown, click Back, correct and save your roster file, and start again.
      • If a student is shown that should not be added to your roster, click trash icon image of trash icon to remove the student.
    3. Confirm that the information for each student is correct.

      If some information is not correct, click Back, correct and save your roster file, and start again.

  5. Click Next.
  6. If not specified in your roster, create usernames for the students you are adding.

    Depending on the information in your roster, you can create usernames based on full names, email addresses, or student ID numbers.

    1. Select how you want to create usernames.
    2. Click Generate Usernames.

    Usernames are created for the students in your roster using the following rules:

    Based on: Rule Student Information Username
    Full names lastname.firstname Mary Allen allen.mary
    Email addresses The user identifier of the email address (before @) mrallen@example.org mrallen
    Student numbers studentID 242052 242052

    If the username is already taken, a period and a number are appended to it, for example, allen.mary.2 or mrallen.3.

    Note: If your roster includes email addresses, that information is compared with existing students in WebAssign. If a matching student is found, that student's username is listed.

    Usernames are not case-sensitive, so MaryAllen, maryallen, and mArYaLlEn are all the same username.

  7. If not specified in your roster, create passwords for the students you are adding.
    To do thisDo this
    Do not set an initial password
    1. Select No initial password.
    Note: This option is available only if your roster contains email addresses. WebAssign will email your students instructions on how to create their own passwords.
    Set the same initial password for all of your students
    1. Select Use the same password for all of my students.
    2. Type the initial password to use.
    3. Click Generate Passwords.
    Set each student's initial password to their username
    1. Select Make students' passwords the same as their username.
    2. Click Generate Passwords.

    If you selected to create passwords, the passwords are listed for each student.

  8. Click Next.
  9. If needed, select additional actions on the Roster Upload - Options page.

    This page is only displayed in some situations.

    In this situation To do this Do this
    Your class already has enrolled students that are not listed on the roster you provided. See which students are enrolled but not on the roster you provided. Click usernames.
    Drop enrolled students not listed on the roster you provided. Select Mark these usernames as dropped.
    Not drop any students, but add the students on the roster you provided. Select Leave these usernames active on my roster.
    Some students listed on the roster you provided are currently enrolled in a course in WebAssign. See which students have current WebAssign accounts. Click these accounts.
    Replace these students' current passwords with the initial password you specified. Select Overwrite passwords.
    Replace these students' current email addresses with the information in the roster you provided. Select Overwrite email addresses.
    Note: Do not change existing students' passwords without a good reason.

    Click Continue.

Your roster information is compared with existing students in WebAssign and your class roster in WebAssign is updated.

  • New user accounts are created for those students for whom no matching username or email address was found, and those students are enrolled in your class.
  • Existing students with the same username or email address specified in your roster are enrolled in your class.
The following actions might also occur:
  • If you selected to overwrite the email addresses of existing students, those email addresses are changed.
  • If you selected to overwrite the passwords of existing students, those passwords are changed.
  • If you selected to drop enrolled students not on the roster you provided, those students are dropped.

The Roster Upload - Complete page displays the number of students that were added to your class or whose information was updated.

After updating your roster:

  1. Let your students know their WebAssign usernames and passwords.

    Encourage your students to change their password the first time they log in to WebAssign.

  2. If you created new usernames or updated passwords for some students, let those students know about the changes.
    You can send an email from the Roster Upload - Complete page to each affected student with information about his or her account.
    • Click those students to see which students were affected.
    • Select Yes to send an email to each affected student. WebAssign can send emails to your students only if you provide an email address in your roster.
  3. Click Continue to close the Roster Upload - Complete page.

    The Roster page is displayed.