Copy and Paste Scores into GradeBook

You can add scores for one assignment or a group of assignments to your GradeBook. If you use the GradeBook's automatic calculations, instances might still arise when you need to add a grade to your GradeBook for a non-WebAssign assignment, such as an essay or a paper-based test.

  1. From the toolbar, click Grades > Add Scores to GradeBook.
    gradebook upload method page
  2. Select I want to upload a set of assignments from a file, and click Next.
    A page is displayed showing Assignment Info, which explains what the file needs to contain, and download and upload instructions.
    gradebook assignment info page
  3. In Upload Method, select Copy and paste scores from a file on your computer and click Next.
    The Enter Assignment and Score Info page is displayed.
  4. Enter assignment and score information. You should include:
    • Assignment Name
    • Category
    • Description
    • Points
    • Due
    • Available
    • Student Names
    • Scores
    Important: Specify numeric scores for every student. Letter grades and missing scores are displayed as NA in WebAssign and are counted as 0 points.

    Your file might look similar to the following, which you can then copy and paste directly onto the Enter Assignment and Score Info page:

    assignment and score info file
    enter assignment and score info window
  5. When you are finished entering information, click Review.
    A window is displayed showing your results.
    gradebook assignment and score page
  6. Click Save.
    A saved confirmation message is displayed.