Edit GradeBook Settings

After you have set up your GradeBook using the GradeBook wizard to either create a new GradeBook or import the settings from a different course, you can later edit the settings in your GradeBook.

  1. Open the GradeBook for your class section.
    1. From the toolbar, click Grades > GradeBook.
    2. If needed, select a class section.
  2. Click Settings.
    The GradeBook Settings page is displayed, showing five tabs. Changing information on one of the tabs changes the information in your GradeBook.
    basics tab on grade book setting window
  3. Each tab has a Save button, which you click to save your changes:
    Note: Each of the options in the tabs are explained in detail in the following topics (see the appropriate topic depending on how your GradeBook is set up):

    You can set more specific grading options for an assignment in a category after you set up your GradeBook and add assignments to it. See Edit Category Average Calculation.

    • Basics: Use this tab to determine if you want WebAssign to calculate grades, when to automatically update GradeBook, and which assignments to use in those calculations.
    • Final: Use this tab to specify the weighting of how your students' final grade is calculated for each of the categories included in the GradeBook.
    • Categories: Use this tab to determine how you want WebAssign to calculate each category average. Once you set up your GradeBook, you can also set the grading options for a particular assignment in a category. See Edit Category Average Calculation for more information and instructions on this option.
    • Student View: Use this tab to select what grades and statistics your students are shown when viewing their Grades page.
    • Grading Scale: Use this tab to determine which grading scale to use for your GradeBook, such as Letter Grade or Pass / Fail.