Post Scores from Assignments to GradeBook

You can add scores from assignments that your students completed outside of WebAssign, such as an essay, to your GradeBook to be included in GradeBook calculations.

Tip: You might find that it is best to download a template as described in Use the GradeBook Scoring Template. After you download the template, you can then enter your information in that file and upload it following the instructions in Edit Scores from Assignments Added to GradeBook.
  1. From the toolbar, click Grades > Add Scores to GradeBook.
  2. Click Next.
  3. Under Assignment Info, enter the information about the assignment.
    GradeBook Assignment Info
  4. Select the Available to Students check box.
    The scores are then available to your students.
  5. Under Upload Method, do one of the following:
    To do this Do this
    To enter scores for each student manually:
    1. Select Enter scores for each student by hand.
    2. Click Add Scores.
    3. When you add scores, enter the scores based on points (as shown in this example) or based on weighting, depending on how you set up your GradeBook.
      GradeBook Add Scores page
      Important: Specify numeric scores for every student. Letter grades and missing scores are displayed as NA in WebAssign and are counted as 0 points.
      Note: If you granted faculty members student access and placed them on your roster, their names are displayed along with your student names. You should leave the score by their name blank so they are not included in this assignment. However, if you granted yourself student access to the course, you might want to add a score for yourself so that you can see how the GradeBook works as if you were a student in your course.
    4. When you are done, click Review.
    5. Then, click Save. A Scores Saved message is displayed. From here, you can click GradeBook, ScoreView, or ClassView to go to those pages.
    To copy scores from a file and paste them into WebAssign: Select Copy and paste scores from a file on your computer and follow the displayed instructions.
    To upload a spreadsheet containing scores: Select Upload a file containing scores and follow the displayed instructions.
    Note: To display these scores to your students immediately, update your GradeBook.

When non-WebAssign assignments are added to GradeBook, the assignment is marked with a red asterisk as shown in the following example, where the assignment added is Essay 1.

Assignments tab
If you later want to remove the scores from your GradeBook, you can make the assignment unavailable.