Respond to Manual Extension Requests

If you allow your students to send manual extension requests, you can grant or deny the extension from the student's request.

Click mailbox icon Messages to see if you have any unanswered manual extension requests for any of your classes.

If your student requests an extension in a different way, you can grant or deny the extension from several other places in the application. See Respond to Other Requests for Extensions.

  1. From the toolbar, click communication icon Communication.

    If needed, select a class.

  2. Under Extensions, click Unanswered.
  3. Click an assignment name in the list to view the extension request.

    The extension request also displays the current due date, score, and responses used for the assignment.

    Before you decide whether to grant an extension, you might review your student's work on the assignment or in your class generally. From the extension request, you can click View Responses or Assignment Activity Log.

  4. After reading the extension request, decide how you want to respond.  
    Important: Because % total and points penalties are deducted as soon as a manual or automatic extension is granted, first ask your student to accept or decline a manual extension that imposes these kinds of penalties.
    To do thisDo this

    Ask for more information

    1. Click Send Reply.
    2. Type your message to the student in Comment.
    3. Click Send.

    When your student replies to you, the extension request is marked as unread and the date is updated.

    Grant the extension

    1. Click Grant Extension.
    2. Set the extension terms.
      Extension granted until
      The new due date and time for the assignment.
      Submissions allowed
      The total number of allowed submissions for the assignment. See Grant Additional Submissions.
      Penalty for using extension
      A positive number — or 0 for no penalty — and the penalty method you want to use. See Extension Penalties.
    3. Type a message to your student in Comment. Describe the terms of the extension, including any penalties.
    4. Click Grant Extension.

    Deny the extension

    1. Click Deny Request.
    2. Type your message in the Comment box.
    3. Click Deny Request.

    Mark request as answered

    If you have already granted or denied an extension request — for example, if you granted extensions to multiple students — click Move to Answered.

Granted and denied extension requests are moved to Answered.

Important: Because granting an extension changes the student's due date, automatic bonus or penalty points based on the due date will be applied based on the student's extended due date. If needed, adjust the student's assignment score after the extension period ends.