Respond to Other Requests for Extensions

If you do not allow your students to submit manual extension requests in WebAssign, they might still request extensions in other ways:

  • You might receive Private Messages or Ask Your Teacher messages that request extensions.
  • You might receive email messages or notes requesting extensions.
  • Your students might ask you personally for extensions, in class or during office hours.

However your student requested the extension, consider the request in the context of your extension policy. If necessary, ask your student how much time is needed or why the assignment was not completed on time. Or, review your student's progress in your class or work on specific assignments (see Review Student's Work). If you choose to deny the request, let your student know why you are not giving them more time to complete the assignment.

To grant a student's request for an extension or additional submissions when manual extension requests are not enabled:

Important: Before granting an extension that imposes a % total or points penalty, always give your students the choice to accept or decline the extension, since these points are deducted from your student's score as soon as you grant the extension. Let them know when the new due date and time is and what the penalty will be.

For % unearned penalties, you do not need to ask your students to accept the extension ahead of time since points are deducted only when the student answers questions after the original due date.

  1. If necessary, go to one of the following pages: Reports Home, Scores, Grades Summary, Grades Loginfo, or Responses. 

    From here:

    Do this:

    A Private Message

    Click Grades Summary.

    An Ask Your Teacher message

    Click View Responses.


    Click scores for an assignment.


    Click a student name.


    Click scores for a student.

    Any other page

    1. Click binoculars icon Search and select Student.
    2. Type part of your student's first or last name, and then click Go.
    3. In the Student Search page, click scores for the correct class and student.
  2. If necessary, select the student for whom you are granting an extension.
  3. If necessary, select the assignment for which you are granting an extension.
  4. Click either Grant Extensions/Submissions or Extensions/Submissions.
    Either the Extensions & Submissions page or the Extra window will open; both of these function in the same way.
  5. Specify the following information for the assignment:
    Extension: Specify the new due date and time for the assignment. You can click calendar to select a date and time from the Dates window.

    Submissions: Displays the total number of allowed submissions for the assignment. To grant additional submissions, increase this number.

    Penalty: type 0 if you do not want your students to incur a penalty with the extension, or type a positive number and select a penalty method — % unearned, % total, or points — to reduce the student's assignment score.

  6. Click Save to grant the extension.
  7. Let your student know that you granted the extension. Provide the following information:
    • The new due date and time
    • The new number of submissions allowed, if changed
    • The penalties applied, if any