Transfer a Student Between Sections

You can transfer a student from one section to another of the same course if you have access to both of the sections. If an assignment is present in both sections, any work that the student has completed on the assignment in the original section automatically transfers to that assignment in the new section. If the student entered an access code for the class, the code is transferred to the new section.

You can transfer a student only between two sections of the same course in WebAssign®.
If the two sections are not part of the same course, you must drop the student from the old course and add the student manually to the new one. Any work the student completed in the original section remains in the original section.
You must have permission to modify the rosters of both sections to transfer a student.
You might need to request permission from another instructor before transferring the student. See Grant Another Instructor Access to Your Course.
The student's work on assignments will transfer only if both of the following are true:
  • The same assignment ID is scheduled to both sections of the course.
  • The assignment was scheduled to both sections in the same month.

The assignment due date is not considered, only the date when an instructor scheduled the assignment to the section in WebAssign. For example, if in June you scheduled assignment 1234 to section 1, and in August you scheduled the same assignment to section 2, the student's work will not be transferred, regardless of when the assignment is due in either section.

To transfer a student to a new section:

When you transfer a student, the student is placed on the dropped list of the class they are leaving, along with the work the student completed in that section. The student is not deleted, so you can view the student's work and add the student back to the original section at any time.

  1. Open the My Classes page.

    Click Tasks > My Classes Page and find the section you want.

  2. Click Roster.
  3. Click the student's name you are transferring on the Roster page.

    The Edit User window is displayed.

  4. Click the Transfer Student tab.
  5. Select the section to which you want to transfer the student.
  6. Click Complete Transfer.

    You are notified if any work cannot be transferred. The student is added to the dropped roster for the class she was transferred out of, and added to the active roster for the class you transferred her into. If the student entered an access code for the class, the code is transferred to the new section as well.