Use the GradeBook Scoring Template

When you are uploading assignment scores into your GradeBook, you can use a pre-formatted scoring template that makes adding the information easier.

The template automatically includes assignment information headings. It also includes the full names of each student in your course and their student number if you include them.

Since it is pre-formatted, you can easily add your information and upload the updated file to WebAssign, and your GradeBook, when you are ready.

Best Practice: Using the scoring template is the best way to begin entering scores because it already contains pre-formatted student information.
  1. From the toolbar, click Grades > Add Scores to GradeBook.
  2. Select I want to upload a set of assignments from a file and click Next. A page is displayed showing Assignment Info, which explains what the file needs to contain, and download and upload instructions.
    Download template page
  3. In Download Template, select the fullname and student number check boxes if you want to include them on the template, select a file extension from the list, and click the Download link.

    When you first download the template, it looks similar to this:

    Sample download template
  4. Add information to the template. This includes adding the assignment name as a new column and entering information for each of the categories, including the scores for each of your students.

    The following example shows the information you need to add in blue. In this example, the scores of 98, 75, and so on are points.

    Sample spreadsheet
    Important: Specify numeric scores for every student. Letter grades and missing scores are displayed as NA in WebAssign and are counted as 0 points.
  5. Save the spreadsheet to your computer and close the file.