WebAssign Student Help System

The WebAssign Student Help System has information to help you accomplish your goals.

What's New

See April 22, 2015 Release Notes.

Using the Help System

Open the help system by clicking Help at the top of any page in WebAssign.

To do this:Do this:

Search the help system

Type what you want to find in the search box and press ENTER.

Navigate the table of contents

  • Click a topic title to open the topic.
  • Click the + icon to expand a topic and its subtopics.
  • Click the icon to collapse a topic and its subtopics.

Request help from WebAssign Customer Support

Click Actions button > Customer Support.

Print the current topic

Click Actions button > Print.

View the table of contents (if hidden)

Click Actions button > View Contents.

View a topic (if hidden)

Click Actions button > View Topic.

For more information or printable documents, see WebAssign Customer Support.