Browser Cookies and WebAssign

Like many online services, WebAssign uses an encrypted cookie file to keep you signed in while you are using WebAssign. This cookie is deleted when you sign out of WebAssign or close your browser.

WebAssign's encrypted cookie file contains your username, password, and institution. This information is used to authenticate your identity each time you give or request information — like assignments or grades — from WebAssign. This helps to safeguard the security of your information without requiring you to sign in repeatedly while you are using the system.

Accessing WebAssign from Blackboard®

If you are accessing WebAssign from Blackboard, this cookie is used to log you in automatically to WebAssign. Because the request comes from your Blackboard system and not from WebAssign, the cookie is considered in this case to be a third-party cookie.

Browser Settings

Most browsers are configured to accept cookies by default, so you might not need to make any changes at all. If you are being asked to sign in repeatedly to WebAssign, or if your browser warns you about cookies while using WebAssign, you might want to change your browser settings.

  • Allow cookies and pop-up windows from
  • Accept third-party cookies when accessing WebAssign from Blackboard.
  • Do not allow your browser to store your password.
  • Optionally, turn off browser warnings for cookies.