January 5, 2012 Release Notes

This release focused on the Previous Answers page, eBook access during the grace period, and improvements to how some students purchase WebAssign access. Some functionality was available on January 3.

Previous Answers Page Redesign

The Previous Answers page was redesigned and displays all the answers submitted by a student for an assignment question. The Previous Answers page lists the answers that were submitted each time by the student and indicates if question values were re-randomized.

This redesign addresses a number of known issues with the previous version of this page.

This page is available after students have made more than one submission only if enabled by the instructor in the assignment settings. See View Your Previous Answers for a Question.

eBook Access During Grace Period

Depending on the publisher, some eBooks will now be available to students during the grace period. For more information, see Purchase WebAssign Access.

Purchasing Workflow Improvements

Some students accessing WebAssign through another system, such as Blackboard or a school Web site, previously had difficulty purchasing WebAssign access. The purchasing workflow has been improved so students logging in from other systems do not need to log in to WebAssign directly in order to complete their purchase.

Students who log in to WebAssign directly will not notice any changes. For more information, see Purchase WebAssign Access.

Improved Help Links

Help topics for mathPad, calcPad, physPad, chemPad, Marvin JS, and graphing tool now open pages in the student help system to facilitate finding additional help information.

Enhanced Communications Views

Private Messages, Ask Your Teacher messages, and messages in the Trash now display a short 100-character summary of a message's contents.

New Content

The following textbooks are available in WebAssign as of January 6.

Physical Science

Resolved Issues

The following reported issues have been resolved since the previous release.

Issue Summary Notes
Students were awarded conditional points for early assignment submission when their submission occurred after the specified date. SWAT-362, FTWO-79
Students were able to receive credit for submitting blank responses for chemistry questions that used the JME editor. SWAT-345
MarvinSketch was not correctly grading ordered resonance structures. SWAT-4
MarvinSketch did not recognize answer orientation for stereochemistry questions. FTWO-522

MarvinSketch will now consider answer orientation for stereochemistry questions. It does not consider answer orientation for other types of chemistry questions.

Personal Study Plan scores were sometimes incorrectly omitted from the WebAssign Gradebook.


Clicking the update button for the advanced conditional points at the assignment level did not make the pop up window close.  SWAT-72
eBook links were displaying incorrectly for some textbooks. SWAT-328
Read It buttons were not showing up properly for some students. SWAT-224, SWAT-28, SWAT-261
Mathematical and other symbols were not displayed in some assignments. This occurred for assignments that displayed many different symbols in the student view. SWAT-26, FONE-933, FONE-1027
Granting secondary textbooks to classes was granting invalid refunds. SWAT- 137, SWAT-286
The pop-up messages for eBook and Personal Study Plan icons that explain more information about these features were not appearing in applicable products.  SWAT-267
High school students could not purchase homework-only access to Brooks/Cole 2012 textbooks. SWAT-337

Students were unable to submit work after logging in to WebAssign in another browser tab.


Although this specific issue is fixed, it is not recommended for students to log in to WebAssign simultaneously in multiple browser tabs or windows.

Students were able to enroll in courses that had been trashed. FTWO-124
A student could not use the an access code to access a book in different courses during the same semester. SWAT-14

Question parts were numbered incorrectly in student assignments for questions with pop-up tutorials.


Some formatted notation created with the <watex> tag was displayed too small in student assignments.


Students lost work when clicking Submit buttons manually added to a small number of WebAssign and instructor-created questions using the <SUBMIT> tag.

Submissions using the standard Submit button were unaffected.


Some tutorial links did not work in Internet Explorer.

FONE-821, FONE-745

ChemPad was not working properly in Tutorial questions. SWAT-373