Access WebAssign From Moodle

If enabled, you can log in to WebAssign directly from your Moodle™ class.

  • You can't log in to Moodle from WebAssign.
  • Ask your instructor if you are not sure whether your course uses Moodle and WebAssign.
  1. Log in to Moodle and navigate to your class.
  2. Click the WebAssign tool or a WebAssign assignment.
  3. The first time you access WebAssign from Moodle, either link your current WebAssign account or create a new one.
    To do thisDo this
    Link your existing WebAssign account
    1. Enter your WebAssign username and password.
    2. Click Link Account.
    Create a new WebAssign account
    1. Click I don't have a WebAssign account.
    2. Choose a username.
    3. Enter your name and email address.
    4. Click Create Account.

    Your account is linked or created and you are enrolled in the WebAssign class your instructor created.