Answer Marvin JS Questions

Some questions require you to use Marvin JS to draw chemical structures that are automatically scored in WebAssign

In your assignments, Marvin JS questions display an answer box with the Marvin JS label. At the top of the box is a help link.

Marvin JS answer box

Some Marvin JS questions require you to draw a structure or reaction from scratch. Others start with a partially drawn structure or reaction that you must complete.

  1. Click Edit Drawing, or click anywhere in the Marvin JS frame.
    Marvin JS editor with toolbars and a drawing of a molecule. Two buttons are displayed below the editor: Submit Answer and Save Progress.
  2. Use the tools to draw the chemical structure or reaction.
  3. Optional: If needed, click either clear all button, undo button, or start over button.
    • Click undo button to undo your last change.
    • Click clear all button to clear the drawing area.
    • Click start over button to discard your work and display the initial drawing.
  4. When you are finished, click Submit Answer.