Cannot Access WebAssign

If you cannot access WebAssign there are several steps you can take to attempt to correct the issue.

Check the following:

  • Your hardware is functioning correctly
  • You are able to connect to other Internet sites
  • You are using the most updated versions of your operating system, Web browser, and browser-related plugins (Flash and Java)

After you have verified the previous items, you can report your problem by submitting a help request to WebAssign Customer Support. Provide as much of the following information as possible for the time the problem occurred/occurs:

  • Username, school, and any classes you are enrolled in
  • Assignment and question you are having difficulty with
  • Date and time the problem occurred
  • Operating system used when the problem occurred
  • Antivirus program you are using
  • Anti-spyware program you are using
  • Name of the Web browser you are using
Important: Please note that using WebAssign to submit your assignments does not change any provisions of your institution's honor code or affect in any way guidelines provided by your instructor about completing or submitting work.

Attempts to abuse, misuse, or otherwise violate the integrity of the WebAssign site might not only be considered violations of the honor code, but might also be prosecuted under existing state and federal laws.