Save Your Work

If enabled by your instructor, you can save your progress on an assignment without submitting your answers. You can then view your saved work later when you are working on the assignment again. You might want to save an answer that you expect to revise later. You might also want to save your progress as you work on an assignment that allows only one submission.

Important: Your saved work is not scored by WebAssign and can't be viewed by your instructor. To receive credit, submit your answers before the assignment due date.
To do this Do this

Save your work for one question

At the bottom of the question, click Save Progress.

Your unsubmitted work for the question is saved.

Save all of your work for the assignment

At the bottom of a question or the assignment, click Save Assignment Progress.

All of your unsubmitted work for the assignment is saved.

Discard your saved work for a question

Click Revert to Last Response at the bottom of the question.

Your last submitted answer is shown for the question instead of the answer you saved.

Note: Depending on the assignment submission rule, you might not be able to save partial work for the assignment. Click in a question to see the Save Progress or Save Assignment Progress button.

Questions with saved work display a yellow border on the left and bottom with the message Viewing Saved Work.

  • Saving work does not use any submissions.
  • Marks and scores displayed with a question apply to the submitted answers for that question only, not to your saved work.
  • You can't view previous versions of your saved work.


Four assignment questions as described in the following text
  • Question 1 has a saved answer.
  • Question 2 has an answer that has not been submitted or saved.
  • Question 3 has an answer that has not been submitted or saved. Because the student is working on the question, it displays the Submit Assignment and Save Assignment Progress buttons.
  • Question 4 has no answer yet.