Link Multiple Accounts

If you have more than one WebAssign account for the same institution, you can link them so you can log in to all of them using any of your usernames and passwords. This way, you do not need to remember a separate login for each WebAssign account you have.

Important: Do not link your accounts if you log in to WebAssign through your school's Web site or from a learning management system such as Blackboard®.

Usually if this is the case, you will not have more than one account; but if you do, linking might not work or might result in your work being synced incorrectly with the learning management system.

The information you have in different accounts remains separate when you link accounts — the only thing that changes is that all of the classes for all of your linked WebAssign accounts will be displayed whenever you log in to any of those accounts.

  1. Log in to WebAssign using one of your username and password combinations.
  2. Click My Options in the menu bar.
  3. Click the Accounts tab.
  4. Under Link Accounts, enter the username and password of the WebAssign account you are linking to.

    You can link more than one account.

  5. Enter the password for the account you are logged in with, and click Save to save your changes.


One of your WebAssign accounts has a username you cannot easily remember, such as zh7yz123. The login information for the account you are signed into right now (krwright) is the one you want to use for all of your accounts.

In this example, you would enter the username zh7yz123 and the password for zh7yz123 in the Link Accounts section, and then you would enter the password for the current account (krwright) in the Password field at the bottom of the window and click Save.