Link Multiple WebAssign Accounts

If you have more than one WebAssign account, link your WebAssign accounts to each other to access all of your classes when you sign in.

You might have multiple WebAssign accounts if your instructor created a new account for you when enrolling you in a class or if you created a new account when enrolling yourself.

  • You can only link WebAssign student accounts at the same institution.
  • If you sign in using a school portal or learning management system (LMS) such as Blackboard® and have multiple accounts, don't link them. This might cause your work not to sync correctly.

If you have a Cengage account and multiple WebAssign accounts, your Cengage account is linked to one of your WebAssign accounts and your WebAssign accounts are linked to each other.

  1. Sign in to WebAssign.
  2. Click My Options in the menu bar.
  3. Click the Accounts tab.
  4. Under Link Accounts, enter the WebAssign username and password of an account you want to link.
  5. Enter the password for the WebAssign account you are signed in with and click Save.

    The account you are signed in with is listed at the top of the Accounts tab.

    Note: Your WebAssign and Cengage passwords might be different.