View Resource Materials

If your instructor has shared resource materials with you in WebAssign, you can view them from your class Home page.

Informational resources provide you with information you need to know about your class. Examples include syllabi, grading rubrics, or instructions for answering questions.

Learning resources help enhance or reinforce your understanding of the course content. Examples include supplemental reading materials, video files to aid in learning a topic, or reference materials such as a table of formulas and constants.

  1. Click Home.

    If necessary, select a class from the My Classes menu.

    Any resources your instructor has made available to you are displayed on your Home page for your class in the Resources panel.

    resources panel expanded to show a pdf and a video resource for the course
    The list of resources might include sections that can be expanded or collapsed.
    • To expand part of the resources list, click the right arrow icon right arrow icon. The items under the expanded heading are listed.
    • To collapse part of the resources list, click the down arrow icon down arrow icon. The items under the collapsed heading are no longer displayed.
  2. To view a resource, click its title in the Resources panel. Depending on your browser settings, you might have to choose to save or to open the resource. You might also have to choose an application to use when opening the resource.