Have to Enter a VitalSource Password to Open eBook

When trying to open an eBook, you are asked to enter your VitalSource® password.

WebAssign and other applications use VitalSource to deliver some publisher eBooks.

If you have previously used the VitalSource service from a different WebAssign account or from a different learning tool, you have a VitalSource account.

If the email address associated with your WebAssign account is matches an existing VitalSource account, you are asked to provide your VitalSource password the first time you try to access a VitalSource eBook from WebAssign.

  1. If needed, reset your VitalSource password at www.vitalsource.com/forgot_password.
  2. When prompted, enter your VitalSource password and click OK.

    Your eBook is displayed and you should not be prompted to enter your VitalSource password again.

    Note WebAssign does not store or have access to your VitalSource password. Entering your VitalSource password lets VitalSource provide a token which allows your WebAssign account to display VitalSource textbooks with your account.

    From WebAssign, you can only display eBooks associated with your WebAssign course. Any other eBooks associated with your VitalSource account must be accessed directly through VitalSource or through the learning tool from which they were made available.