What's New: July 11, 2019

Changes include improved access to eBooks via keyboard, the removal of the Request Additional Textbooks button, and bug fixes.

Improved eBook Access via Keyboard

Students can now use keyboard controls to access eBooks shown in the About this Class panel on their home page.

Request Additional Textbooks Button Removed

To simplify the customer support process, the Request Additional Textbooks button is no longer shown when editing class settings. To change your primary textbook after students have purchased access, request a secondary textbook, or remove a textbook, contact support.cengage.comlatinoamerica.cengage.com/soporte-latam/cengage.co.uk/contact/cengageasia.com/ProductSupportcengage.co.in/Contact_Uscengage.com.au/contact-us.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Some students could not enter a response for the final question in assignments.
  • Fixed: Instructors were unable to view students' previous answers.