Required Browser Plug-Ins

Some WebAssign content and tools require browser plugins.

WebAssign content and tools that require browser plugins are tested and supported for the following plugin versions:

  • Adobe® Acrobat Reader®, version 8 or later
  • Adobe Flash® Player, version 10 or later
  • Adobe Shockwave® Player, version 11 or later
  • Java™
    • The JME tool requires Java, version 1.6.0 through 1.7.35.
    • Instructor or publisher Java questions or simulations might require a different version of Java.
  • Apple® QuickTime®

If you encounter problems when using advanced features of WebAssign such as mathPad or eBooks, check to be sure that you have supported versions of these plugins installed.

Additional learning resources provided by textbook publishers or instructors might require other software.

Automatic Plug-In Version Checking

When you sign in to WebAssign as a student, WebAssign checks your scheduled assignments for certain questions identified as requiring either Java or Flash. If any of your assignments include these questions, your system is checked to see if you have the required plugin version installed.

Note: WebAssign does not perform a comprehensive check of all assignment questions to determine all plugin requirements. Questions created by instructors might require other plugins or plugin versions.

If you do not have the required plugin version installed, a warning is displayed on your Home and My Assignments pages informing you about the required plugin version.

Java plugin requirement message with option to install plugin

Click Install Plugin to obtain and install the required plugin.

Assignments identified by WebAssign as requiring a plugin version that is not installed display an icon indicating what plugin is required.

Clicking the assignment name displays an additional warning message.

Java plugin requirement message with options to install plugin, open assignment, or cancel

Click Install Plugin to obtain and install the required plugin.

Some assignments contain content requiring either Adobe Flash Player or Java. These assignments can be opened on an iPad®, but the content requiring Flash or Java will not be displayed. Currently, this includes the following content:
  • pencilPad® questions
  • publisher-provided content such as eBooks and tutorials that use Flash or Java
  • instructor-provided content requiring Flash or Java

Installing Browser Plug-Ins

Use the following links to obtain installation instructions and downloads for the supported browser plugins.

Note: Google® Chrome™, version 45 and later does not support the NPAPI plugin required to run Java. Chrome, versions 42 through 44 require you to turn on NPAPI support before you can use Java. See Can't Open in Chrome.