Problems Working on iPad

Most WebAssign tools are enabled for use on iPad®, allowing students to complete many assignments using Safari® on iPad. But there are some known issues for students using an iPad.

mathPad, calcPad®, and physPad®

  • Copying and pasting expressions does not work reliably on an iPad.
  • Intermittently, the iPad keyboard might not display.

    Tap again in the answer box to display the keyboard.

  • The Next, Previous, Undo, and Redo keys on the iPad keyboard are not enabled.

WebAssign Graphing Tool

  • You cannot pinch to zoom in or out in the graphing tool. You can double-tap to zoom.
  • Making any other change to your graph removes all fills.
  • You can drag an object outside the visible area of the graph.

    To move the object back within the visible area of the graph, edit its properties in Graph Layers.


  • You cannot pinch to zoom in or out in NumberLine. You can double-tap to zoom.

Unsupported Content

Some assignments contain content requiring Java™. These assignments can be opened on an iPad, but the content requiring Java will not be displayed. Currently, this includes the following content:
  • publisher-provided content such as eBooks and tutorials that use Java
  • instructor-provided content requiring Java

Timed Assignments

The assignment timer is not displayed for timed assignments when working on an iPad.

Bluetooth Keyboards

Using a Bluetooth keyboard with your iPad might work, but is not supported. Navigation keys on Bluetooth keyboards do not move the insertion point.