Marvin JS Drawing Tools Not To Use

Marvin JS does not allow WebAssign to remove specific drawing tools, but some tools result in structures which can't currently be graded.

Although the following tools are shown in Marvin JS, they should not be used.

Star, query, and pseudo-atoms
  • *
  • A
  • Q
  • M
  • X
  • AH
  • QH
  • MH
  • XH
Bond types
  • double c/t or unspecified query bond
  • single or double query bond
  • single or aromatic query bond
  • double or aromatic query bond
  • position variation bond
  • repeating group
  • r-group attachment
Free-form drawing
  • rectangle
  • ellipse
  • text
  • abbreviated groups
  • reaxys group generics
Import or export
  • import
  • export
View settings
  • view settings
Note Changing the view settings can show or hide tools needed for the question or affect grading in other ways.