Previous Answers Page

The Previous Answers page displays all of the answers your student submitted for a question. Your students cannot change their answers in this page.

To open the Previous Answers page, click Previous Answers in the question heading of a question on your student's assignment. This page opens in a new window.

Previous Answers page. Described in the topic text.

Assignment Name and Question Number

The assignment name and question number are displayed at the top of the page.

Submission Header

Each of your student's submissions for the question is displayed in order, with the first submission at the top and the most recent submission at the bottom.

Each submission displays a header with the sequence number of the submission and the points earned. For assignments allowing question part submission, the time when the submission was made is also displayed.

Note: For assignments with question part submission, the number of submissions made might look like more than the allowed number of submissions. This is because each time your student submitted new answers, submissions were used only for the changed question parts.


The answers submitted for each question part are displayed for each submission. If an answer box was empty when the question was submitted, it displays (No Response).

Answers cannot be changed in the Previous Answers page.


As an instructor, you are always shown marks for each answer box to indicate whether or not the answer was correct. Your students see marks only if they are displayed on the assignment.

Note: Marks on the Previous Answers page do not indicate whether more credit was earned for a previous response.

Question Feedback

If available, question feedback is displayed for each submission.

Answer Keys

As an instructor, you are always shown the answer key. Your students see the answer key only for those submissions after which the answer key was displayed on the assignment.

New Randomization

If shown, the New Randomization banner indicates that the question values changed after your student clicked New Randomization in the assignment.

The date when each answer was submitted is displayed only for assignments with question part submission.

The following items are not displayed in the Previous Answers page. You can view these items (if available) in the assignment or Grades Loginfo page.

  • Links to "pop-up" questions that do not count toward your student's score. This includes tutorial and practice questions and Practice Another Version.
  • Links to eBooks or other learning resources.
  • Detailed score information for each question part.
  • Assignment scoring and submission rules.
  • Worked solutions.
  • IP address from which the answer was submitted.