Display Problems in Internet Explorer / Microsoft Edge

In some cases, assignments might not display correctly in Internet Explorer® / Microsoft® Edge.

Internet Explorer / Microsoft Edge, Version 11

Some NumberLine™ questions are not fully displayed, or other parts of the question are displayed on top of the NumberLine tool. It might not be possible to answer NumberLine questions.

This is a known issue. Use another supported browser.

Internet Explorer / Microsoft Edge with Compatibility View Enabled

Some assignment display problems have been observed in Internet Explorer / Microsoft Edge when compatibility view is turned on.

Some of the observed symptoms include the following:

  • Parts of some questions might not be displayed to students.
  • The week display on the Schedule page is not correct.

Other symptoms might also occur.

Internet Explorer / Microsoft Edge compatibility view can cause the browser to display the assignment as if it were an unsupported version of Internet Explorer / Microsoft Edge.

To resolve the problem, turn off compatibility view. See windows.microsoft.com/en-us/internet-explorer/use-compatibility-view.