Add, Change, or Remove a Textbook

You can change the primary textbook for a course section, add secondary textbooks, remove a textbook, or add free additional content.

Note This feature is not available for K-12 instructors who manage their courses through NGLSync.
  • If your course is LMS-integrated using the new integration method, you cannot add a secondary textbook.
  • If your course includes some sections using Textbook A and some sections that use Textbook B, you might find it easier to create two different courses in WebAssign.
  • If you are using textbooks by different publishers together in your course, contact your textbook representatives to request permission for this use.
  1. Open the My Classes page.

    Click Tasks > My Classes Page and find the section you want.

  2. Click Edit Class Settings.
  3. Click Add Textbooks & Free Additional Content.
  4. Change the primary textbook or submit a request to Customer Support.
    To do thisDo this
    Change the primary textbook (before students purchase access)

    If no students have purchased access, you can change the primary textbook immediately.

    1. Select a different textbook from the list under Textbook adopted for this class.
    2. Select the check box to certify your adoption of the selected textbook.
    3. Click Save.
    Add free additional content
    1. Select the content you want to use under Free Additional Content.
    2. Click Save.
    All other requests:
    • Change the primary textbook (after students purchase access)
    • Request a secondary textbook
    • Remove a textbook

    Other changes might change the cost of your section and require refunds or additional payment for some students. For this reason, you must submit a request to Customer Support at

    The listed textbooks and resources are specific to the class discipline.

    • To list all textbooks, click Show All Textbooks.
    • To list textbooks and resources for a different discipline, first change the section discipline on the Class Settings page.

Changes to the primary textbook are made immediately if no students have purchased access.

Changes to free additional content are made immediately.

For other changes:
  • A Customer Support representative might contact you to request more information or to confirm changes that would affect the cost of access for your students.
  • If a requested secondary textbook costs more than the primary textbook, WebAssign might need to make the more-expensive textbook the primary textbook for the class. This applies also to requests to use two different editions of the same textbook.
  • If the cost for access increases because of your request, students who have already paid for access might be issued refunds and need to purchase access again at the new cost.
  • If the cost for access decreases because of your request, students who have already paid for access are issued refunds for the cost difference.
  • eBooks are not available to students for secondary textbooks.
  • Usually, your request can be processed within 2 to 3 business days.