Ask Your Teacher Messages

Your students can send Ask Your Teacher messages about specific questions in their assignments. Each message includes the student's version of the assignment question and their current answers so you can read the message in context.

Ask Your Teacher messages are organized as conversations between you and one student about one assignment. A conversation might have messages about more than one question on the assignment, and it might include messages from other instructors who have been granted access to your class.

When you create a new course, by default students can send you:
  • private messages
  • Ask Your Teacher messages
  • extension requests
If needed, you can turn off any of these features.

New sections, copied sections, and courses created by copying a section all copy the communication settings from the original section.

  • Because students use Ask Your Teacher messages to request help, turn off this feature if you don't plan to answer your students' messages regularly.
  • Before responding to an Ask Your Teacher message, you might want to view your student's activity and responses for the assignment.
  • You can't respond to your student's message by replying to a notification email.