Best Practices for Using Media in WebAssign

These recommendations can help you when using media such as videos in your WebAssign coursework.

  • Keep media files as brief as possible.

    Except for recorded lectures, most videos should ideally run 3 minutes or less in order to keep your students' attention. Consider editing longer materials into multiple shorter segments.

  • Keep video size or resolution no greater than is needed.

    Although you want to ensure that your students can clearly see the subject matter, higher resolutions generally result in larger videos that download more slowly. If you need to use a high-definition video, consider linking to it instead of embedding it.

  • Don't include videos or media in the assignment description, but only the instructions.

    Embedded media in the assignment description is shown on the student's My Assignments page. This is rarely useful, and can cause the My Assignments page to load slowly.

  • Don't show more than one video on the page at a time.

    When using video or audio clips in your questions, change your assignment settings to show only one question at a time.

    Embed at most one video in each question, announcement, or assignment instructions. If more than one video is needed, consider creating multiple questions, announcements, or assignments.

  • Be aware that when you share media with your students, they might be able to share it again with their peers.