Best Practices for Scheduling Assignments

These recommendations might help you when scheduling assignments for your classes.

  • Schedule frequent short assignments instead of a few long ones.
  • Set the due date to one hour before the class meets.
  • Use a variety of assignment categories, for example:
    • Practice assignments with multiple allowable submissions and Practice Another Version enabled
    • Homework with Practice Another Version enabled after final submission of the assignment
    • Timed reading assignments to check comprehension
    • Timed take-home quizzes with only one submission allowed and Practice Another Version enabled after the due date
    • Proctored tests (timed, located-limited, and password protected)
  • Extensions
    • Encourage students to finish assignments by enabling automatic extensions with a penalty (20% or 25%).
    • Offer manual extensions for students who need more time due to illness or other legitimate reasons. Decide on the penalty, if any, on a case-by-case basis.