Class Insights Bar Graphs and Statistics

Each assignment, question, and question part on the Details page displays a horizontal stacked bar graph showing its performance data.

stacked bar graph with five colors indicating 20% answered correctly on the first try, 7.5% answered correctly on the second try, 27.5% answered correctly on a subsequent try, 15% answered incorrectly, and 30% never attempted

From left to right, the bars represent answered correctly on the first attempt, answered correctly on the second attempt, answered correctly on any subsequent attempt, answered incorrectly, and not attempted.

Depending on the row, the bar graph might show data for:
  • all topic questions on an assignment
  • a specific question
  • a specific question part

List Students by Status for a Question Part

When viewing the Question Part Statistics, you can view a list of all students in your section matching a particular performance criterion for the question part.

Although Class Insights is not currently intended to identify "at risk" students, you can use this feature to:

  • Identify students who might be struggling with a particular topic.
  • Start troubleshooting a flagged question part by identifying whose answers were scored as incorrect.

    In the occasional event that a flagged question turns out to have a problem, you might also use this information to know which students should receive a grade adjustment or other remedy.

To do this Do this
View statistics for a bar graph Click the bar graph.

Depending on which bar graph you click, the Assignment Statistics, Question Statistics, or Question Part Statistics panel opens.

List students by status for a question part
  1. Click the bar graph for the question part.
  2. Click a status on the left side of the Question Part Statistics panel.
View analytics for a specific student Click the student's name in the Question Part Statistics panel.
Close the statistics panel Click Close.
Note When you use question pools in your assignments, only some students in your class are assigned each question in the pool. However, Class Insights analytics do not currently distinguish between students who were not assigned a question and students who were assigned the question but did not answer it. For this reason:
  • The number of students indicated as not completing questions or question parts in a question pool is not meaningful.
  • You can't view statistical information about the question pool as a whole.