Textbooks, Costs, and Billing

By default, your students are expected to purchase access to your WebAssign course.

Although WebAssign provides content for hundreds of traditional textbooks from leading textbook publishers, a textbook in WebAssign is not quite the same as a physical or electronic book. Instead, a textbook in WebAssign is a collection of thematically organized questions for an academic subject; it might also include other resource materials such as simulations, worked examples, a Personal Study Plan®, or an eBook.
  • Depending on publisher agreements, purchase of some physical textbooks might include WebAssign access.
  • Purchase of WebAssign access does not include a physical textbook.
  • The cost of WebAssign access for your students is based on the primary textbook adopted for your course.
  • For the primary textbook, eBook access might be included or it might be a separate purchase.
  • In addition to the primary textbook, you can request one or more secondary textbooks in order to use questions or other resources — but not the eBook — from the secondary textbook.
  • Some textbooks are offered in textbook bundles that provide access to multiple corequisite textbooks for a single price. Textbook bundles include access to all eBooks and course materials in the bundle.
  • You can also add discipline-specific free additional content to your class. This might include additional questions or Personal Study Plans you can use.