Create and Edit Assignments

Creating and delivering assignments to your students is probably your most important goal in WebAssign. Whether you are assigning homework, exams, lab work, quizzes, or placement tests, assignments are how your students will learn, practice skills, and demonstrate their knowledge to you.

In WebAssign, you create assignments independent of a class context; by separating assignment creation from scheduling, WebAssign lets you use the same assignment for as many classes and terms as needed.

Important When you create an assignment, it is not automatically added to any of your courses. To learn how to add assignments to a course, see Schedule Assignments.

This section addresses the fundamentals of creating assignments for your classes: how to add questions to your assignments from various sources, how to create question pools so different students receive different versions of the assignment, how to weight questions on your assignments, and how to preview or copy your assignments.

Important You cannot use the Assignment Editor in Internet Explorer 11.