Create Numerical Questions

Numerical questions are fill-in-the-blank questions that are graded for numerical accuracy.

Depending on the question, a numerical question might require any of the following kinds of answers:

Type of Numerical Question Example Answers
Integer or decimal number
  • -103
  • 6.4
  • 6.4e2
Fraction 13/16
Number and unit 10.4 ml
Number specified to significant figures 302.0
Number specified to decimal places 0.005

By default, answer format tips help your students know what kind of answer is expected. If needed, you can hide answer format tips for your assignments.


By default, answers within ±2% of the answer key are considered to be correct. For example, if the answer is 3, then 2.94, 3.06, and any value in between are all accepted as correct responses.

You can set the required tolerance for your numerical questions.


By default, the numerical precision of your students' answers is not considered. For example, if the answer is 3, then 3.0 is also accepted as a correct response.

You can set the required precision for your numerical questions.

Answer-Dependent Questions

Answer-dependent questions are multi-part numerical questions that let your students provide numerical data or estimates and then perform calculations based on the provided data.