Create Tutorial Questions

You can transform part or all of a multi-part or multi-mode question into a tutorial that guides your students step by step through the solution of a problem.

Tutorial questions have a distinctive user flow:
  • Students must either correctly answer, skip, or use all of their submissions for each step before viewing the next step.
  • Students cannot go back to complete steps they have skipped.
  • The answer key is always displayed for steps after all submissions have been used or the step is answered correctly or skipped.
  • Students can click tutorial hint icons light bulb icon to display hints. 

As the name suggests, you use tutorial questions principally to help your students learn, not to evaluate their progress. Frequently, tutorials are used to help students understand how to solve a problem posed in the question. Because of this, sometimes you might not want your tutorial questions to count toward your students' assignment scores. You can create both scored tutorials and unscored popup tutorials.

  • Scored tutorial questions are shown in the assignment itself and count toward the assignment score. In the Assignment Editor, you can set the point value for the entire tutorial or for each question part.
  • Popup tutorial questions are shown as buttons in the assignment, and do not count toward the assignment score. When your students click the button, the tutorial opens in a new window.
    tutorial button

Your tutorial might be the entire question or only part of the question. You can create more than one tutorial in a single question, and you can mix scored and popup tutorials in the same question.

Important For scored tutorial questions to work correctly, you must allow question part submission in your assignment.