Placement Tests

You can use WebAssign to administer placement tests that assess students' current proficiency in one or more subject areas to determine the courses for which they should register.

Placement tests are usually given as timed assignments with only one submission allowed.

You might want to use security measures such as requiring students to enter a password, to take the test at a specific location, or to use LockDown Browser®. You might also want to require students to certify that they completed the work on their own or that they have complied with your school's honor code.

You can design a battery of placement tests that cover different topics, rather than a single long test, in order to obtain separate scores for each topic. A battery of tests might also cover progressively more advanced subject matter and use the conditional release of assignments feature to end the battery after a student completes the first assessment for which they do not achieve a cutoff score.

To implement this use case, see the following topics: