Grade Answers

WebAssign cannot grade answers for the following types of questions: short answer, essay, file-upload, and Show My Work. These types of questions can be graded using the Grade Answers link on the Scores page for an assignment.

By default, the answers your students submit to short answer, essay, file-upload, and required Show My Work questions will automatically receive full credit. Optional Show My Work questions do not automatically receive credit because the scores for these questions are not included in the assignment total.

You or your teaching assistant should grade your students' answers after an assignment due date has passed. If you grade an answer before the due date, your student could submit another answer. When this happens:
  • Show My Work: Your comments and score for the previous response are discarded. The student again receives either full credit or no credit, depending on whether the Show My Work question part is required or optional. Only your uploaded files continue to be shown.
  • Short answer, essay, or file-upload: The student again receives the default points for the question. Your previous score and comments can be viewed if you or your student views the student's previous answers, but they do not count toward the student's assignment score.

    To award partial credit or no credit by default, see Advanced Points Adjustment Using Formulas.

    You cannot use automatic bonus or penalty points to change the default points awarded for Show My Work.

You can choose to grade all answers for an assignment at once, grade answers one question at a time, or grade answers for only some students.