Assignment Templates

Assignment templates are named sets of assignment settings that can help you create assignments quickly. WebAssign provides some assignment templates that you can use in your assignments without modification, or you can create your own assignment templates.

Assignment templates contain settings for all of the following assignment behaviors:

  • assignment category
  • allowed submissions and whether question part, question, or assignment submission is required
  • question randomization method
  • whether to display all questions at once or to show only one question at a time
  • permissions for other instructors to use or edit the assignment
  • access to learning tools that might be available for the assignment, including tutorials, Practice Another Version, answer keys, and worked solutions.
  • feedback that is shown to your students, including scores and correct/incorrect marks
  • automatic bonus or penalty points that are applied to all questions on the assignment
  • assignment overrides for numerical tolerance, significant figure checking, or counting syntax errors as incorrect submissions

Instead of configuring each of these settings individually for every assignment, you can create assignment templates that specify the settings you want to use for various kinds of assignments. Then, when you create an assignment, you only need to select the assignment template and the settings are configured for you.

  • You can create assignment templates from scratch, by copying other assignment templates, or by copying the settings from an assignment.
  • You can apply an assignment template to many assignments at once, for example, to update all of your quizzes to use the same settings.
  • You can set the default assignment template that is automatically selected when you create assignments in the Assignment Editor.

Assignment templates do not set question-specific overrides, for example, to change the submissions for a specific question on your assignment.