Motivate Students to Do Assigned Reading

Students can easily be tempted to skip their assigned reading — to their detriment — because they do not see its immediate effect on their grade. You can use reading quizzes to hold students accountable for completing their assigned reading.

Usually, reading quizzes will be short, timed (about 1 minute per question) assignments of three or four multiple-choice or short-answer questions covering the assigned reading. This helps to ensure that your students cannot skim the reading material or check other sources for the answers. Often, you will want to use question pools so your students cannot share answers. Reading quizzes should be due before class on the day when the reading material is to be discussed.

Because reading quizzes are brief, you can require students to submit the entire assignment at once. Your students should not require multiple submissions; you can either allow only one submission, or impose a penalty for using multiple submissions.

To implement this use case, see the following topics: