Personal Study Plan

The Personal Study Plan® helps your students identify which sections of the textbook they have mastered and which sections require more study, and provides each student a customized selection of instructional resources that address the student's deficiencies.

Some of the ways you might use a Personal Study Plan in your course include:

If you are teaching a course for which students often need a refresher on what they learned the previous term (for example, the second part of a two-semester course), you might use the Personal Study Plan to allow students to review and test themselves on that knowledge.
Test Preparation
Students often ask for the ability to retake homework assignments in WebAssign as a test preparation tool. The Personal Study Plan lets your students take and retake quizzes covering specific sections of the textbook in order to prepare for tests.
Supplementary Instruction
Sometimes, your students need to learn more material than the length of the school term permits you to cover in class — for example, to score well on a standardized placement test. You can use the Personal Study Plan to provide instructional materials and self-tests on the material that you cannot cover in class.
If you are not concerned with when your students do their homework, but only that they learn the material, use the Personal Study Plan instead of creating dozens of homework assignments. You can even count your students' performance on the Personal Study Plan chapter quizzes toward their final grade.