Question Browser QID List

If needed, you can view the questions and question pools you want to include on your assignment as a list of IDs. This view might sometimes be faster for instructors who know the IDs of questions they want to add to an assignment.

Important Using the QID List view is risky because you can easily introduce errors that will prevent you from updating your assignment.

Select QID List at the top of the View panel.

qid list
  • Each question is listed using its question ID number.
  • Each question pool is listed using the syntax use:(ID;ID;ID...) where use is the number of questions to use from the pool and the IDs in parentheses are question IDs to include in the pool.
  • Each question ID and question pool except the last is followed by a comma.


The following errors will block you from updating your assignment until they are corrected:

Duplicate IDs
A question can only be included on an assignment once.
Invalid IDs
WebAssign cannot add a question to your assignment if it does not exist.
Syntax Errors
These errors can include:
  • Using invalid characters
  • Mixing or omitting commas and semicolons
  • Too many or omitted colons in question pool notation

If you switch back to the Question Summary view without correcting errors, your changes in the QID List view will be discarded.